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About Us
All are welcome here.
From Nothing To Being Realized Launched on June 30, 2011 is a new form of community unlimited by physical location or time zone.

We focus on self developing conversations  for our youths- where we come together to share our stories - the awakenings, the disasters, the unexpected and the overcomes. The uncertainties, the pleasures, the losses, the discoveries and the faith revealed in the everyday events of our lives.

We've discovered ...
• bridges of understanding work better than barriers of distrust
we learn more when we share than when we preach
a little light from another's path just might illuminate a dark spot in our own
we contribute to peace when we give others simple respect and space to be themselves
everyone has some of the answers, but no one has them all
a :-) can make someone else's day just a little brighter
it never hurts to listen
we don't have to agree about everything to be friends
what we learn from participating in this virtual community can enrich our real-world communities in more ways than we imagine

We invite you to join us ...
to share your journey and the journeys of others
to delight in new friends and "kindred spirits"
to ponder "big" questions, like:- what gives our lives meaning?
- why are we here?
to find comfort - and give help
to offer insight - and gain in wisdom
to laugh - and cry - and celebrate
to talk - and to listen
to extend our common ground
to grow in care and compassion for all members of the human family and the whole of life
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